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Our participation in the Fair EURO BLECH in 2018  19.12.2017 
SERMATEK with its WorldOfMarking Team will be participating in "EURO BLECH 2018" to be held in Hanover, Germany with its Dotpeenator Dot Peen Marking Series of Marking Machines and Laserator Laser Marking and Engraving Machines that includes Laser Engines, Desktop, and OnTheFloor Laser Systems in addition to our Cutting Edge High-Speed 3D and 2D Laserator Laser Scanners, the 3D Laser Micro Machining Center called TUWANA. The Interested and our customers can visit us at our booth on that fair floor on 23 to27 October 2018. You may fill in the contact form or dial +90 232 472 23 43 to ask for an admission ticket to that fair.
ESEN KARDESLER Chose Dotpeenator PR94 for Meeting Deep Marking Needs.  11.02.2017 
Esen Kardesler Adana is one of the few companies in Turkey, which has a huge workshop equipped with very special machining centers. Esen Kardesler who produces a wide range of special products has chosen to work with us to meet its customers and their needs in product traceability. The Dopeenator PR94 portable dot peen marking machine with YT188P coded Pin/cartridge kit provides a depth of 0.8 mm in order to maintain readability of the markings after painting applications on the workpieces We wish them a great success.
Our Marking Machines are in the EMO Trade Show during 18-23 Sept 2017  04.08.2017 
The World of Marking Tools Team will be participating in EMO Trade Show to be held in Hannover, Germany with all the marking tools, marking machines, marking paints manufactured by SERMATEK in Izmir, Turkey. We will have launched a very specific tool of pin/cartridge kit of which we have newly completed its R&D. That tool will be used in our dot peen marking series of machines and added to the deep marking peen series of us since it will be used in deep marking applications especially required by steel construction building and machine firms. That tool will be highlighting the functional superiority and quality of our dot peen marking series of machines. We will be demonstrating to the visitors of our booth the desktop peen marking machines, portable peen marking machines, mobile peen marking machines, Laserator desktop laser marking machines, on-the-floor marking machines, and integrable laser engines. The interested can fill in the CONTACT FORM of our web page and ask for tickets for the admission to the EMO Trade Show.
Awaiting To See You At Our Booth F82 in Hall 17 on the fair ground of Hannover Messe in Germany  04.04.2017 
Our Dot Peen Marking Machines and Laserator Fiber Laser Marking Machines are on their way to show up amongst their competitors on the fair ground of Hannover Messe at the dates of 24-28 April 2017. Their cases have arrived. Sermatek people are acting rashly to pack them up as scheduled. The packed and coming machines are a Laserator CLASSY-OTF Fiber Laser Marking Machine, a Laserator TASKY Fiber Laser Marking Machine, a couple of smt-series OEM Fiber Laser Modules, a Laserator HANDY Desk Top Fiber Laser Marking machine, Dotpeentor CO9, SA14, PR144, PR94, INT94, INT144, SA14-C, SA14-AutoZ Dot Peen Marking Machines. Grab your work pieces and jot down your queries and come over at our booth. We will be waiting for you.
A Custom-made DotpeenatorSA14 supporting some special automational dot peen marking functions is delivered to MKE Riffle Manufacturing Plant in KIRIKKALE.   
We thank you for choosing us as dot peen marking systems supplying partner. The delivered Dotpeenator Dot Peen Marking System that is designed to mark both sides of the barrels of newly designed MPT76 and the others by its double marking peens has a rotary axis with a pneumatic chuck through which a barrel goes, a programmable z axis that indexes at different z heights as it is programmed, X&Y axes and finally a touch screen controller with a professional marking software and user interface.
Ar Metal Industry and Trade Co. Ltd will make use of a Dotpeenator SA14 to assure the tracibility of their products.  25.08.2015 
Ar Metal Industry and Trade Co. Ltd invested in a Dotpeenator SA14 Desk Top Dot Peen Marking Machine to meet the need of deep marking on constructive work pieces of their projects. They preferred to have a SA14 at the end of our demonstration with both Dotpeenator Hand Held PR144 and Desk Top SA14.
Rettig Metal, located in IZMIR, TURKEY, a famous manucaturing plant for Radiators, Towel Warmers, reinvested in one of our dot peen marking machines  26.04.2015 
Retting Metal reinvested in one of our Dot Peen Marking Machines. The model preffered is CO9. It is mounted on one of the water test unit and used to mark right after the water test is confirmed by the operator.
Lucas Electric got the delivery of a Dotpeenator SA14 Dot Peen Marking System  29.05.2015 
Lucas Electric, located in Adapazari, Turkey, received their stand alone, touch screen, desk top Dotpeenator SA14 dot peen marking system to mark engine starter coils during manufacturing process. SA14 marking head with 160X110mm marking field was positioned at an agle of 90 degrees to mark the work pieces with ease. We thank the stuff of Lucas Electric for choosing us as a supplier of marking systems.
NGR Hidrolic Co., Ltd. received their custom-made COXL13 Doteenator Dot Peen Marking System  16.08.2013 
A large-size custom-made COXL13 Dotpeenator Dot Peen Marking System was delivered to NGR Hidrolic Co., Ltd. The marking field size of the system is as large as 500X400mm. This big-scale dot peen marking system is intended to mark the largest size hidrolic valf bodies on the factory floor in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. We thank NGR Hidrolic for chosing us as a partner suppliying marking systems.
We delivered a Dotpeenator CO9 Dot Peen Marking System to the stuff of a WarShip of The Turkish Naval Forces.  15.12.2012 
The Dotpeenator CO9 Dot Peen Marking machine, delivered to the stuff of a warship that belongs to the Turkish Naval Forces, will be used for marking all the tools, name tags, name plates ect on the board.

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2011 Tehran International Trade Fair
We are honored with CE and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificates
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Customer Comments
Customer comments on used marking technologies, marking systems and marking techniques

" Based on our standards, there are required to be indelible, permanent and legible marking results of the material specifications on our security products. For 2.5 years now, we have been very content with the product of yours, which we found as a result of a long search in the market. We have not gone through any problem with it. "
Orçun Yolcu | Industrial Technician

WITTUR Asansor San. ve Tic. A.S.

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Question: Is your marking machine suitable for "Low stress stamping (marking)"?
Answer: Yes. Suitable.

However, stress is not any exact value given but changeable. The amount of stress that any similar systems create might be different. And, again since our Dotpeenator is a CNC with controllable depth to some extent, you may drop or increase the value of stress by yourself.

For instance, to drop the stress value;

1-You create some intervals between the dots our machine can hit on the surface of the material. Higher the intervals between the dots, lower the stress a peen creates.

-put a text on the work area of the screen
-go to "Edit" Tab
-Click on the Dot Array
-Make the Dot Mode: Dot
-Dot Spacing: something between 0.1-1mm (Preferably something 0.5mm and 1mm)
-Click "OK"
-Go to "print "Tab
-Click on "Pen Down Delay" (It is supposed to be 5-8ms) After the first test of the above steps at the value of 5 - 8ms, if not satisfied of the total timing of marking, decrease that value down to 2ms. That procedure decreases the total marking time. Because of that, you may need to increase the air pressure and make the dots twice or more.
-Click on "Pen Up Delay" (It is supposed to be any default value between 5- 8ms.) After the first test of the above steps at the value of 5 - 8ms, if not satisfied of the total timing of marking, decrease that value down to 2ms. That decreases the total marking time. Because of that, you may need to increase the air pressure and make the dots twice or more.

-Click on the Text you put on the work area of the screen
-Click on the second "Content" in a row from the top on the right side menu.
-Make the Intensity: 2 or more as you wish.

2-You shape the tip of the peen like the ballpoint tip of a pen. Higher the radius of the tip of the peen, lower the stress the peen creates.
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